The Berlin Warning (English Edition) par Nicholas Guild

May 25, 2019

The Berlin Warning (English Edition) par Nicholas Guild

Titre de livre: The Berlin Warning (English Edition)

Auteur: Nicholas Guild

Date de sortie: October 21, 2011

Broché: 416 pages

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"What we need is an American." That was the word from the Whitehall spymasters. It was October 27, 1941, and Hitler was victorious from Calais to the outskirts of Moscow. Only Britain held out against him, fighting alone, stretched to the limit. Her one hope of survival was that the United States would enter the war, and the Germans were hell-bent to prevent that. It all came down to one desperate gamble.
What they needed was an American like David Steadman. Barely recovered from a shrapnel wound sustained in the Spanish Civil War, at the request of the woman he loves, he sets out to steal the biggest secret of the war.
THE BERLIN WARNING is a novel of love and war, set in a nightmare world where duty and passion are traps for the unwary, and death is never more than one miscalculation away.

"Read a novel as cleanly composed and well paced as Nicholas Guild's 'Berlin Warning' and you'll never again be satisfied with ordinary thrillers" says the NEW YORK TIMES.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY describes Nicholas Guild as "a master of timing, plot and style."