Skipper's Oath (The Frank Mattituck Series Book 1) (English Edition) par P. Wesley Lundburg

May 26, 2019

Skipper's Oath (The Frank Mattituck Series Book 1) (English Edition) par P. Wesley Lundburg

Titre de livre: Skipper's Oath (The Frank Mattituck Series Book 1) (English Edition)

Auteur: P. Wesley Lundburg

Date de sortie: September 9, 2016

Broché: 432 pages

Éditeur: Gaslamp Scriveners

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A Ruthless Killer... A Drug Operation Gone Wrong... A Charter Boat Captain Pulled into the Chase....

Frank Mattituck’s life is turned upside-down by the disappearance of a friend. Mattituck sets out to find him, only to find himself face-to-face with a ruthless killer who turns his attention on Mattituck. Chased through the Alaska wilderness and seas, Mattituck must tap into his outdoors ingenuity to survive.

Mattituck teams up with Trooper Todd Benson to embark on a wild pursuit of the ruthless killer terrorizing the waters of Prince William Sound. Mattituck goes from Charter Boat Skipper to taking an oath to serve the law enforcement needs of the people of Alaska, ultimately putting him at a crossroads where he can either walk away and continue his life of hiding, or square off with his demons and make a difference in the world around him.

About the Series:
Alaska charter boat captain Frank Mattituck has established a tranquil fishing life that allows him to keep the haunting of his past at bay. He has a successful business and a solitary personal life that provides him control over his world. That is, until his sense of justice is awakened by the murder of a close friend and his solitude is broken by the rekindling of his relationship with Monica Castle. Suddenly, Mattituck finds he can no longer hide, and he finds himself helping State Trooper Todd Benson track down killers and criminals in Alaska, forming a unique crime-fighting duo.

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About the Author:
P. Wesley Lundburg has been an Alaska Charter Boat Captain, Coast Guardsman, English professor, and professional editor. Wes launched his fiction-writing career in 7th grade with a teacher-acclaimed UFO abduction story, and has since broadened his repertoire to include published creative essays, outdoor travel articles, academic papers, and short stories.

Wes holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Literature. Skipper’s Oath, the second novel he has written, represents his first published novel.

You can write to him at [email protected]